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SiGlaz Defect Navigator (SDN) is a software product that meets the defect and yield analysis needs of semiconductor fabs with low-to-medium production volumes. SiGlaz Defect Navigator, Professional Edition (SDN P), provides the yield engineer with a range of functions to review and display standard data files generated by inline inspection and review systems.

SiGlaz Defect Navigator operates on a Windows-based PC (Windows XP or Windows 7), using .NET Framework 3.5. It contains an internal SQL ExpressTM database that allows the user to store up to 4 GBytes of defect inspection data. The software will continuously monitor a designated folder for incoming data files and automatically load the new files to the database. The user may query the database by multiple attributes from the inspection file (e.g., Lot ID, Device ID and Step ID) to create a data set.

SDN allows the user to configure the user interface to optimally view the data output. The user may simultaneously display multiple windows containing a stacked wafer map, a histogram, a thumbnail wafer gallery, a defect list or other important information. Stacked wafer map analysis provides a wafer map display containing all defects in the selected data set. The defects are color coded by various user-defined attributes and synchronized with the histogram. SDN drill down and drill across analysis functions allow the user to graphically select any bar on the histogram and create a new chart comprised of only the selected data. Defect Adder Analysis (DAA) allows the user to analyze and display how successive processing steps add or remove defects from the data set.