To gain the necessary insight into process variations occurring within the sub-micron IC device structures, scientists and engineers require high magnification digital images, such as SEMs; similarly, to analyze a specific equipment failure mode or manufacturing process excursion, they require other types of spatial data, such as defect inspection results files. The procedure to obtain, examine and analyze the images and spatial data from hundreds of wafers each day is time consuming, expensive and prone to errors in human judgment. At present, however, manually sorting through all these data has been the only way to determine the source of the problem. Engineers try to identify the root cause of the defects by recognizing a known pattern or defect signature. Clearly, what is needed is an automated and intelligent method that quickly extracts meaningful information from the data or image and relates its spatial signature to a known process excursion. However, the integration of high magnification image analysis and spatial signature analysis into yield enhancement systems has been limited by the complexity of automatically extracting critical process attributes and signatures from the spatial data.

SiGlaz Solution

SiGlaz provides a range of standard products, as well as customized solutions, to remove these limitations. By applying its spatial intelligence tools to digital images and other spatial metrology data, SiGlaz software can both enhance yield and improve productivity. SiGlaz pattern recognition algorithms and spatial analysis capability enable semiconductor device manufacturer to automatically extract and identify critical process attributes and spatial signatures that may be present in data, and SiGlaz data mining technology enables users to correlate those data with the signatures of known process excursions. Most importantly, our technologies enable the implementation of closed loop, real-time quality monitoring and correction systems that will drive towards zero defects. Finally, as a low cost solution provider, SiGlaz provides all the above solutions to users with a high ROI and with a payback that can be measured in weeks not years.




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