The Semiconductor industry is undergoing significant changes. New product introductions are fast becoming the norm, and the time to market has becoming shorter. With all the heavy investment on infra-structures and equipments in the past, now it is the time for the semiconductor to maximize the return of investment and reap the benefit.

To prosper in this environment, semiconductor companies need to be able to not just simply running an efficient operation and maintain proper equipments, but they also need to be proactive and manage the yield effectively, and optimize cost and resource allocation. To be able to do this, these companies need to rely on a robust and flexible decision support system in the background.

SiGlaz Solutions

SiGlaz consultants have worked with some of the world's largest semiconductor equipment manufacturers and chip manufacturers world wide. Through our experience, we have built solutions that can help a semiconductor company to do the following (see SEMATECH Model):

  • Build a Data Warehouse to store large volume of data collected during the production process and to optimize for process and yield analysis.
  • Minimize the data integration effort. SiGlaz Software consultants are expert in many popular ETL(extract, transformation and load) tools in the market. Our consultants have also built a rich set of templates that can help seamlessly integrate and migrate data into the data warehouse from multiple data sources.

  • Deploy decision support system using the latest OLAP (online analytical processing) and data mining technologies.

  • Provide Critical Dimension Metrology using image-based software.

  • Increase understanding of yield management in semiconductor manufacturing using visualization and spatial technologies.

  • Enhance fab-wide analysis and control using web dashboard and portal frame work.

  • Improve the correction time of spatial anomalies, wafer processing sequence problems with specialized analysis model.


As outlined in the International SEMATECH (ISMT) model for e-diagnostic capability levels, e-diagnostics can be deployed on several levels:

Level 0: Access and Remote Collaboration — Provides users throughout an enterprise with remote connectivity to share information and collaborate on operations data. Off-site experts and end users, for example, can solve equipment or process problems or commission new equipment.

Level 1: Collection and Control — Takes the networking technology that was implemented in Level 0 a step further, enabling remote retrieval of real-time data directly from machines to troubleshoot and repair fault situations in real time.

Level 2: Analysis — Unlocks powerful productivity improvements for end users by adding automated reporting and analysis functionality such as statistical process control (SPC) and visualization software.

Level 3: Prediction — Builds on Level 2 functionality with algorithms that perform automated diagnosis and notification, allowing predictive maintenance and greatly simplifying the fault resolution process.


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