SiGlaz Professional Services staff is experienced in custom-building spatial applications and integrating them with your existing technical infrastructure. Our differentiators are as follows:
Expertise with Industry-Leading Solutions 

Our team can help you deploy solutions either in a client-server platform or over the web. We have worked with industry-leading solutions including .NET, SOAP, XML, and Java.
Deep Knowledge of RDBMS Technology

To successfully deploy any solution technology, a must-have is an expert-level knowledge in the underlying database technology. Our consultants possess in-depth knowledge of the most popular databases, including Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Teradata, among others.

Data Mining and Business Intelligence
We have also leveraged our core competencies in both applications and business intelligence. Our experts in the business intelligence field (see Technical Consulting) offer a perfect complement to our experts in the any domain. From the business intelligence perspective, we understand how to gather requirements and collect/organize relevant data. From the domain perspective, we understand how to render such data over a mapping presentation layer for most effective visualization effects, how to convert data to knowledge, and how to convert image to knowledge.  
Fab Automation
SiGlaz has filed several patents on workflow automation using the visual programming paradigm. Fab engineer could quickly put together a recipe to monitor equipment failure, yield, wafer defect etc., using our framework and pre-built software agent. As deployment, the software agents working in tandem will predict and provide alarm and notification to personnel via pager or wireless devices, or provide feedback or feed-forward to other manufacturing applications or MES host.  
Intelligent Imaging
SiGlaz has developed innovative machine vision technologies for in-line automated wafer defect detection using darkfield or brightfield illumination. With in-depth understanding of image processing and couple with recognition technologies (OCR, Object and pattern recognition), we have delivered the most advanced micro or macro defect detection system for semiconductor equipment manufacturer.  
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