SiGlaz Professional Services staff have extensive technical consulting experience. Our prior experience ranges from large companies such as IBM and Oracle to Big 5 to leading data warehousing solution providers. Our expertises include the following:

Data Modeling

Business Intelligence

Data Movement and Data Integration

User Interface and Portal Deployment

Technical Infrastructure

Data Modeling

While our clients have a good understanding of the type of data they have, they have little or no experience creating a model optimized for analytic. Data Modeling services are geared towards filling this need. SiGlaz Software data modelers have extensive experience in data modeling, from Entity-Relationship (ER) diagrams to dimensional modeling (Star Schema). We work closely with clients during the modeling process.

We works closely with Microsoft SQL Server Accelerator for BI in application model. The data models consists of relational and multidimensional database schemas, dimensions, measures, key performance indicators (KPIs), and client views.

The first data model included in the SQL Server Accelerator for BI is the Retail Analytics Model, which focuses on store operation and includes measures and KPIs to support the following areas of analysis:


•Sales Rep Performance

•Fraud Detection

•Store Performance

•Marketing Campaign Analysis

The second data model included in the SQL Server Accelerator for BI is the Sales and Marketing Model, which is more horizontally-focused and includes measures and KPIs to support the following areas of analysis:

• Orders and Backlogs

• Sales/Shipments

• Returns analysis by customer type

• Sales Force Performance

• Marketing Campaign Analysis

Business Intelligence

Professional services has participated in the deployment of large-scale decision support system worldwide. We are experts in data warehouse design using dimensional modeling and a wealth of industry template, from retail, telco to semiconductor. Our team has helped deploy and populate the data warehouse using most popular ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool available.

SiGlaz Software enables industry leaders to provide managers and analysts with the data they need to make more informed decisions. These decisions can have a dramatic impact to the business. With business intelligence solution, your organization can analyze:

• Yield management. Understand semiconductor production data to help yield management.

• Product performance. Understand sales trends, product mix and seasonality issues, product profitability, product life cycle issues, and determine which products will bring greatest opportunity for return on investment (ROI).

• Customer trends. Understand customer buying habits, shift focus to customers that will bring greatest ROI, and devise strategies to increase customer base or retain existing customers.

• Marketing campaigns. Reduce the cost per lead and improve the quality of the marketing pipeline by measuring the success of your marketing campaigns.

• Sales performance. Measure sales information to help sales managers identify low-performing areas and spotlight the most successful sales channels.

• Order and shipment trends. Focus resources and sales force on greater opportunities by understanding order trends, backlog trends, and sales cycles.

Data Movement and Data Integration

One major problem confronting every enterprise is the integration of different data sources. Each source has its own way of categorizing and storing data. How to integrate all these disparate data sets so that the enterprise has a unified view of data is a major task confronting every organization.

SiGlaz consultants are experts in reviewing the current infrastructure, accessing data integration needs, devising a data integration strategy, and carrying out that strategy. The data can reside in any sources such as RDBMS, flat file, and office productivity tools (such as Microsoft Excel). We can also define and implement a metadata strategy so that information about your data is kept in a consistent manner.

We are also experts in data cleansing. As anyone who has worked on a data analysis project can attest, the biggest problem with data analysis is usually dirty data. If the data remains dirty, all analysis performed would be useless. SiGlaz Software consultants have worked with many different industries and have seen many different business rules. We can help you implement a data cleansing strategy tailored to your needs.

UI Design and Portal Deployment

Once all the information is consolidated, the next question is to how to provide the results to the end users. After all, if everything is hidden in the database and there is no intelligent way of extracting it out or visualizing it, data are useless. SiGlaz Software consultants have experience in designing presenting data to end users, whether the data is in tabular format, in OLAP (On Line Analytical Processing) cube format, dashboard format, or visualizing in an information map. We have also worked with intranet, extranet, and portal deployments, as well as working with end users to find out exactly what they want to see.

SiGlaz uses a multi-tier application architecture for Portal. The data source for the application is a SQL Server database along with stored procedures. The data access is provided through a Microsoft .NET assembly that provides access to the data source via the stored procedures. In addition, the portal framework is built through the use of a number of assemblies that handle the security and configuration of the portal. Web Forms and user controls make up the presentation layer and handle the display and management of the portal data for the user.

  • Cross-browser support for Netscape and Internet Explorer
  • Mobile device support for WAP/WML and Pocket Browser devices
  • Clean code/html content separation using server controls
  • Pages that are constructed from dynamically-loaded user controls
  • Configurable output caching of portal page regions
  • Multi-tier application architecture
  • ADO.NET data access using SQL stored procedures
  • Windows authentication - username/password in Active DS or NT SAM
  • Forms authentication using a database for usernames/passwords
  • Role-based security to control user access to portal content
Technical Infrastructure

One of the most difficult problems when implementing a new IT project is how to fit the new requirements into the current technical infrastructure. This includes hardware and software configuration, network requirements, and security issues. Through our work with large-scale data warehousing projects, SiGlaz Software consultants have become experts in the overall enterprise technical architecture.

We also provide project management support. Our project managers have years of experience. Our team has led many turnkey solution implementations. One principle that our project managers hold strongly is honesty. We believe that no matter what the situation is, honesty is always the best way to solve the problem, especially when working with clients. This approach has earned us praise from many of our clients and has become the cornerstone of our consulting practice.

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